Fees for Uninsured Services

Doctor's Note                                               $30

Physio/ Massage/ Chiro Note                    $30

Missed appointment fee                            $50

Parking Placard                                          $55

Driving Licence Medical                             $120

Pre-employment Medical                          $200

Travel Documents                                      $50

Travel Consultation                                    $60

Vaccine/ Injections                                     $20

Copies of medical records                         $40 + (depending on chart length)

Attending Physicians Statement               $75

Long term disability forms                        $125

Disability benefit report                             $100

Capacity Assessment (AGTA)                    $200

Based on AMA guidelines.  Priced do not include GST where applicable.

Please note this is not an exhaustive list of all uninsured services.  If you have any questions regarding fees for uninsured services please speak with a member of our reception team.